Reasons to visit and get to know Zipaquirá

Zipaquirá is a municipality that is characterized for being a unique and perfect destination of singular splendor and natural beauty; besides, it is touristic, religious, patrimonial, cultural and charming for all those who long to know places full of history and tradition. Initially, the primitive name of the indigenous town was Chicaquicha, which means Pie del Zipa; or Zipa’s city; it was located in the place that today is called Pueblo Viejo, approximately 200 meters higher than the current city.

Nowadays, Zipaquirá is surprising, traditional, contemporary, with a millenary patrimonial, cultural, social, economic and industrial legacy; Zipaquirá has been the scene of a series of indelible historical moments, in which radical changes were marked for Colombia throughout the years.

This municipality has one of the most beautiful historical centers full of places, traces and corners of history that are cultural heritage of the nation.
Here you can observe the old colonial houses distributed throughout the length and breadth of the old city; which are characterized by the diversity of architecture, each one of them in its magnitude, splendor and silence harbor a history of the various periods and cultures that left their mark in the town of salt.

The historic center of Zipaquirá, describes the history of populations that begin from the ancestral; where the Muisca culture prevailed, which were worthy representatives of the trade system, whose main objective was the exchange of salt; because of its great utility and consumption it was considered a valuable element. This, through time became a kind of currency for the Muiscas, and came to be established hundreds of kilometers away from Zipaquirá.

Nowadays, the municipality is one of the most important centers of salt exploitation in Colombia, which is why today it is known as the “City of Salt”.

Subsequently, during the colonial period Zipaquirá underwent several transformations and ceased to be a Muisca trading town to become an important population center, where it housed Indians, mestizos, Creoles and Spaniards among many others; leaving a series of fortunate and unfortunate events that have marked each of the places of this territory. The history of Zipaquirá is manifested in its architecture, squares, parks and monuments, as well as in its churches and cultural centers that today are properly preserved and today are worthy exponents of our history.

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