¿Cómo llegar a Zipaquirá?

The proximity to Bogotá and the strategic position of our city makes it possible to enter very easily, since our road infrastructure has had an excellent development that guarantees an agile and safe movement.

From Bogotá take the north highway or the 7th race to the north, then you will pass by Caro, Centro Chía, Cajicá and then in 12 minutes you will reach Zipaquirá.
If you are going to use public transport, you must get to the Portal del Norte station of the transmilenio system; here the buses to Zipaquirá leave every three minutes.
If you arrive at the airport, you can take a taxi to the Salitre terminal; it’s about ten minutes. In this place the buses leave for Zipaquirá.
If its origin is the Coffee Axis, the best route is to go through Melgar or Girardot bound for the Municipality of Mosquera to avoid traffic in Bogotá; then it will pass through Funza, Siberia, Cota, Chía, Cajicá and Zipaquirá.
If its origin is Medellín, or the North Coast of Colombia, the most optimal route will be to go through the municipality of La Vega, then take the Medellín or Calle 80 highway; after this Siberia, Cota, Chía, Cajicá and Zipaquirá. Another alternative that will avoid a good period of time is to take via La Vega, El Rosal, Subachoque, Tabio, Cajicá and Zipaquirá; It should be noted that this last route has no tolls and is quite fast.
If your origin is Santander you must enter through Bucaramanga, Barbosa, Puente Nacional, Chiquinquirá, Ubaté and Zipaquirá.
If its origin is Boyacá, the best route is Tunja, Villapinzón, Choconta, Gachancipá, Tocancipá and Zipaquirá