About the Hotel Camino de la Sal

Just 40 minutes from Bogota, in the city of Zipaquira, surrounded by the best colonial environment you will find the Hotel Camino de la Sal, full of bright spaces that fill a special charm rooms.

In the historic center of the city, three blocks from the central square of the city and one block from Independence Square, we offer a comfortable, convenient and peaceful accommodation.

Come see what we have created for you whether you want to spend a weekend, or you need a quiet place for a business trip, all within a colonial and historical environment.

We are located 41.0 km from Bogota and 24 km from Suesca. The El Dorado International Airport is 52.5 km.

Zipaquirá is the capital of the Sabana Centro Cundinamarca region and has about 120mil inhabitants. The city was founded in 1600, is one of the oldest villages in Colombia.

The main attraction of the city is the Salt Cathedral which began construction in 1991 and was opened to the public in 1995 and is one of the most important tourist destinations of central Colombia. The Hotel Camino de la Sal is located just four blocks from this major tourist attraction.

We hope to enjoy the best of Zipaquira and savannah of Bogota in the Hotel Camino de la Sal.