7 Reasons To Visit Zipaquira In any season

The city of Zipaquira is one of the oldest cities of Colombia, was founded in 1600 by Don Luis Henriquez hearer. But long before the Spanish foundation in this valley indigenous tribes settled and have data from human presence since 13,000 BC. Today the city is ... Ver más

Nobel House in Zipaquira, where he studied Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez is the first and only Nobel that has given Colombia, his work, One Hundred Years of Solitude is the pinnacle of Colombian literature. What few people know about García Márquez, it is that he spent a good part of his internship youth in ... Ver más

5 Ways to reach Zipaquirá from Bogotá

Between Bogota and Zipaquira is a distance of about 48 kilometers, travel time time can vary between thirty minutes and two hours, depending on the skill of the driver or bus driver parsimony. However, there are several ways to reach that could number depending on the ... Ver más